Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sands of Time Brought About a Sea of Change

The Sands of Time Brought About a Sea of Change

Literally. Thousands and thousands of years of pounding waves slowly but surely did the unthinkablethey transitioned trillions of tons of mountain into a pile of sand. And of course, this sand had to go somewhere. If we had it our way, the sand would have stayed in mountain form. Basically the mountain would be significantly more textured and almost impossible to climb. But the sand had a different plan; a blueprint of freedom.  

Free at last, free at last...

The substance formerly known as mountain wasted no time in leaving the scene of the stationary to assume a life of wayward bliss. When speaking of emancipation, there is a big event out thereno doubt about that. But I'm not talking human history here, although, a definitive look at the timeline of American Civil Rights is coming soon, so as not to ignore some major events and alienate a segment of my readership. I'll speak of injustice, of pain, of sorrow, of resiliency, of courage, of teamwork and of "fair," in the context of "Is Life Really Fair?" I'll entertain some ideas and hypothesize about a few things you may not be comfortable reading. Sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic nervous tics will surfaceor even developas my take on what really went down enters your mind. You'll grind your fingernails to a nub and facially spasm to the point of blindness. While writing something that physically cannot be read may seem in conflict to general authorial intuitions, it has to be done, and will, soon.

Don't let yourself get to this level

More importantlyfrom purely a geological perspectivethose damned waves turned those damned mountains into trillions of tiny rocks; all independent from each other, free to come and go as they please. Shackles were removed and highly desirable real estate (that would eventually be referred to as "beaches") was created. Though the median income of my readers hovers around 15k/year and is highly dependent on the value of copper, I'm sure at least one of you has been to a beach and enjoyed the fruits of this hidden process. Pretty neat right? The rest of you likely go to those other "beaches"the ones with stagnant water and tumor sized rocks that are about 100,000 years away from desirable sand status. As you sit in your lawn chair, sip on your Budweisers® and gaze out into the salt pond that your young kids think is an ocean, take a minute to soak in what's happening. Document those rocks with your disposable camerathey won't be around forever. They too shall turn to sand. They too shall enter the body of water of their choosing and raise its level, among other options.

You see, the sands of time not only have brought about a sea of change, they continue to bring changeright before our eyes. But sadly, we lack both the ability to perceive this change as it occurs and the desire to investigate and appreciate it. Maybe it's better that way; maybe this quiet quest is better left undocumented.

In closing, yes this is a new font. New font, same site™. Google® calls it Georgia, so I shall too. 


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