Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Unlikely Friendship of the Bee and the Ant

In my last entry I did my best Kodiak bear impression, as I dipped my paw in the waters in hopes of snatching up a fish or two. What transpired could easily be described as a feeding frenzy- the exact number of Salmon, Bigmouth Bass, and Long-Whiskered Catfish will not be disclosed, but I do feel compelled to note that the Chinese Talapia I reeled in has given me what appears to be Mercury poisoning. Don't celebrate just yet, Chairman Hu, I'm currently spinning this yarn from a Hazmat facility- and should be poison free within a week. While your assassination attempt has proven itself to be extremely nauseating, ultimately, it is to be classified as a misfire and waste of resources.

Hazmat-always there when you need them
While I do enjoy the occasional flood of traffic to the site, that's not what this personal vanity project is about. Those of you looking for coverage of the latest comings and goings of the world's most intriguing and controversial should seek refuge elsewhere- I'll remain here, painting pictures, covering site related issues, and most importantly keeping true to the values upon which AvatarJack.com (new streamlined URL!) was founded.

After careful review and study of the various markets, I've decided to install a running fictional aspect to the site. In a world of unrest, this will serve as a calming influence- an escape of sorts. Deep down I know this will likely result in mass reader exodus, essentially making this space my personal Microsoft Word document in the end- but when has that stopped me?

Please enjoy the opening act of what I'll call: The Unlikely Friendship of the Bee and the Ant.

From all available evidence, no bumblebee has ever left his colony to join that of a honeybee. I was told before arriving I would be viewed as just another member of the hive, an assuring message, but seemingly unlikely- I certainly have my doubts. Why me I wonder? My role with the other bumblebees seemed secure. My pollen transferring skills seemed to be on par with the rest; my buzz rather effective even.

I know they do not mean to be unkind; it may even prove to be a safer home for me- over the years I've sat in silence as my clan has been stepped on and flicked by the great Human for sport. Maybe I was viewed as cowardly, maybe that's the reason. Oh well, things should be different with the honeybees, a group marked by their fiercely loyal and protective nature, or so I'm told.

My exit did not garner much buzz (excuse my pun), which leaves me wondering just how real my stay with the colony has been. All the nest building, all the plant proliferation, had it all been simply about the bottom line? Were the supposed "good-times" but a mirage? As for my value, I wonder what the honeybees have offered up for my services. I guess that's a meaningless exercise at this point- new life, new hive. I've always been better off taking things one flower at a time anyway; pondering the bee hours of the rolling hills can be discouraging, I've learned.

I was told I wouldn't need to bring anything to my new home, but I figured why not load up a fresh batch of Chrysanthemum pollen before I left, after all, a bit of currency never hurt anyone and the road ahead was rather, well, uncertain.

Most of it blew off within the first few clicks of flight, but that's okay- hopefully it found a purpose somewhere. I was too nervous to worry about pollination at the time anyway. My thoughts now center around more pressing issues like, what value will I be able to add to my new family? Will they take me in as their own or will I be exploited for my relative mass and power? Maybe the time has come for the bumblebee and honeybee to unite, to establish a healthy working relationship, streamline operations and pollinate as one. Maybe that's why I'm being sent.

As I approached the land of the honeybee, or my new home I guess I should call it, I felt a strange sensation come upon me, unlike any I had felt in my previous two months of existence, and I came crashing to the ground. What came next I could never have imagined; my greatest fears and anxieties paled in comparison to what I would now face.
Take me to your leader


  1. Very sorry about the cliffhanger, but that's the name of the game.

    What trouble has the bee found himself in?
    Will he survive?
    Will I kill him off and pick up with the ant in episode 2?
    Uncertainty abound in the land of AvatarJack.com

  2. Your readers demand resolution!

  3. What I've done to my readers could be classified as cruel and unusual.

    I'll get this thing churning again soon enough.

    I need to make avatarjack.com important to me again.

    In summary, don't remove your bookmarks just yet, Act 2 will be coming soon.

    And remember..

    It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...