Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh Readers Where Art Thou

At this point in history, we the blogger are under the gun, so to speak of course. I hate to invoke a metaphor of violence and would love to dial down the rhetoric, but now is not the time. Ladies and gentlemen, the market is saturated. The prospects of this site finding a niche are bleak, but just as every good parasite finds a niche within a fitting host, I too shall find my meal-ticket and latch on for dear life- consider me Avatar_DeerTick.
Hold steady 

Now that we're clear on the dire straits I'm faced with, hopefully you'll be more understanding when I resort to shameless gimmicks and publicity stunts to pull in traffic. We had another two clicks in Hungary yesterday, bringing the grand total to four international web visits, all within the borders of Hungary. I'll likely ride that momentum and cater to my Hungarian brethren in the short term. Considering they are currently experiencing a war on free press, this is to be viewed as a noble cause. Sadly, my US readers will almost certainly flee the site, but diversification is the key. If I slip up and alienate one fan base, I can seek refuge with the other. Who knows, maybe I can find some common interests that will unite us all- only time will tell. 

Have you seen Avatar?

Rome was not built in one day, but the key to remember is that it WAS in fact built. They got it done, and most people would say it came out great- a spectacular showcase of innovation. Over-expansion led to their demise- a fact I'm well aware of. Given this, some will say I should remain focused on domestic interests, but I shall strike globally while the iron is hot. Tomorrow's entry will be all things Hungarian Goulash so sharpen the knives and dust off the old crock pot. Unfortunately, I know this will be a final goodbye for some, if not all but two of you. As I mentioned earlier, finding a niche ain't easy, so don't blame me for trying. 


  1. looking forward to some international flavor. keep it coming

  2. 2 more clicks from Hungary today, whoever's out there is loyal and consistent, and slowly becoming my best friend.

  3. A hyperlink within the paragraph leading to an article on Hungary's war on free press would be a nice feature. If your American readers could learn a little about the environment in which your Hungarian readers live, the international flavor of your site might resonate with them a little more!

  4. Ultimately, I will do what's best for the site. When faced with a choice between site and mainstream, I'll go with site. Important site news coming later. Stay tuned.