Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's Coming With Me?

Brand names mean something. Avatar_Jack, that's a brand name; Like Pepsi, that's a brand name. I stand behind it, I guarantee it. They know that even if they don’t know me any more than they know the chairman of General Mills. 

With that said, I reserve the right to grow, evolve and adjust this brand as I see fit. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I'm considering ghost-riding this thing off a cliff through a series of ill-conceived twists and turns.  If only Google® had a safety net in place to lift this thing up on eagle's wings before it could crash into a state of oblivion. "Remember that site?" they'll say. "Remember that damned site?" Rest assured, this scenario is highly unlikely and would only be used as a poison pill in the event of an attempted hostile takeover. You keep your distance, you limit your unfounded criticisms, I keep the ball rolling-- it's that simple. The second my approval ratings drop below 95% it's all over. 

Stand Back!

I kicked this thing off with a list of demands. Then I reconsidered, realizing you wouldn't listen anyway; why fight a losing battle at such an early stage in the game? But this is a call to arms, a rallying cry. I'm looking to circle the wagons before I yank back the reins and take this site to the next level. Consider this a line drawn in the sand. Some will leave, and possibly stick to rereading old entries and speaking of what once was. Others will saddle up (or Cowboy Up for you Bosox fans out there) and grow to love the bucking bronco that will become Avatar_Jack2.0. The decision's up to you-- you won't see me campaigning either way. They say a writer's quality declines by 1% for every person he/she worries about while writing. As of this moment I remain at 100%, but that could easily change. 

I'm well aware that this likely reads as a scare tactic, a cheap publicity stunt even, but just know that change is coming. I'm currently considering the idea of bringing on a "guest writer" to spice things up a bit around here. This is still in the exploratory phase and I'm testing out the strategy in a smaller market. 

I'm also considering adding a running fictional segment to the site. Juicy storylines will be carefully crafted. Redeeming characters will be developed and displayed. Plot twists could be subject to reader voting. This may even lead to some merchandising opportunities (start saving up loyal readers!!). 

Gettem while they're hot

In summary, the road ahead will not be marked by drastic change, so fear not; consider this a shift from Cheerio's to Honey-Nut Cheerio's. Most love both, but the latter is just a little more appealing. In the end, I have no choice but to do what's in the best interest of the site's long-term viability. Who's coming with me??? (Jerry McGuire voice.)


  1. Another blog entry about your blog..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. See that molotov cocktail in my hand above? another comment like that it's getting launched.

  3. I will go with you. (Dorothy Boyd voice)